Dr. Nash-Marshall at the Glendale Downtown Library

Posted by Sardarabad on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Continuing her book tour in California, Dr. Siobhan Nash-Marshall presented her recently published book The Sins of the Fathers: Turkish Denialism and the Armenian Genocide at the Glendale Downtown Library on December 13th.

In her lecture, Dr. Nash-Marshall drew attention to the common misunderstanding of genocide as simply mass murder. As can be clearly evidenced by the Armenian Genocide, the crime instead reveals itself to be the destruction of a people and their culture. The Armenians have a culture older than any drawn map and still practice traditions hundreds of years old. Turkey perpetuates the Genocide of 1915 by attempting to alter or illuminating historical evidence of Armenian culture. The Western world, though unintentionally, allows the crime to go unpunished by forgetting or ignoring such evidence, a tendency Dr. Nash-Marshall argues has spread into Western culture in general to its detriment. She concluded the lecture encouraging the Armenians present to stand firm in their culture, for the benefit of themselves and those in the West that can learn from their strengths.

Following the presentation, second edition copies of The Sins of the Fathers were sold and signed by Dr. Nash-Marshall. Proceeds will be utilized to fund CINF’s 2018 summer teaching initiative in Artsakh.