Homs (old city)

It is time to end the suffering of our brothers and sisters across the globe. The Christians in Need Foundation believes every person deserves the right to quality education. How can our global Christian neighbors receive this education if they are afraid to leave their own homes? How can our global neighbors receive this education if they must fight to survive only to have to restore the mass destruction of their home lands and people? We do not believe the terroristic acts against Christians can be justified and must come to an end so our children can learn and grow. This work cannot magically achieve itself. Silence is not a solution. Rather, CINF believes we must roll up our sleeves, and face the terror head on. We must fight for quality education for all Christians, not just the ones in our homeland.

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Let’s extend our hands to those in suffering; let’s tilt their chins to the light.

God bless.


Extending a hand to suffering Christians across the globe.